Crucified With Christ Gal 2:20

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Step by Step
Here I Am to Worship
Shout to the Lord
*I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
You Are My King
*All in All


*muddah faddah
*rainbow ave
*pathtic prayer
go tell it on the mountain
this little light of mine
This is my Comandment
Go Jonah
Jonah black light
*Noah Theme
Glory to His Name
*Hey, Hey, We're the Christians
*Prodical Son
*His Banner Over Me is love
Skits and Sign Language

*For Such a time as this
God Bless the USA
*I Can Only Imagine
Thank You
*I Pledge Alligance to the Lamb
Somebody's Praying
Love Is A Cross
*The Hammer
Crucified with Christ

*note this is old and we may no longer do it.